Altair Binary Basic load information

With MBL Prom on 88-PMC Board

2SIO Board - connected to a PC with a terminal emulator that will do binary uploads

I've tried Com 7.2 and Zoc, both work well, but Zoc or Hyperterm is needed later.

You need to be able to set the terminal to ignore bit 7. Zoc and Hyperterm both do this.

1) Turn on Altair

2) Do a couple of Stop-Resets

3) Flip switches to 177/000 octal

4) Examine

5) Put all switches down - set the terminal emulator to 8N2 - baud should match what you have set on the card

6) Cue up the Basic you want to load: 4k v 3.2 = 4kbas32mbl.bin, 8k 4.0 = 8kbasmbl.bin, Extended Basic 4.0 = exbas40mbl.bin, Extended disk basic v. 5.0 - disbas50mbl.bin

7) Press run, wait for data lights to change.

8) Send Binary file

9) When uploaded, depress stop.

10) Examine 000/000, keep all switches down for all basics except 4k v 3.2, for this put A11 up.

11) Depress Run.

Answer Questions

Memory? hit return

LinePrinter? hit C return

Sin Cos etcc.? Y or N

High Disk drive = 0

Number of files = what ever - don't use any file commands, unless you have a disk

number of random files - whatever see above

That is it.

There is some basic info at the virtual software museum

There is also some neat work on altair basic at

I have no idea who actually owns these basics at this point, I just hope Bill Gates does not. I believe

these were all owned by MITs which was bought by Pertec, which ceased to exist.

Inside the codes it has licensed for royalties by Micro-soft.

Anyway, hopefully Gates won't mind.